Our Services
Speech Therapy & Audiology 

We have been in practice since 2013. We conduct assessments and treat the following: 

Oral Motor & Sensation 

Drooling, coordination of speech muscles to produce sounds and words as well as oral feeding problems.

Speech Therapy, Language Therapy & Fluency

 Language, articulation, voice, resonance, receptive language, expressive language & pragmatics.

Phonology & Auditory Processing

Processing difficulties and disorders as well as aspects of reading.

Programming Disorders

The planning and organisation of words using sounds with the mechanics of producing words.

Pragmatic & Social Skills

Selection of devices for speech impairments based on current skills. 

Executive Functioning & Cognition

Mental activities to improve mental functioning, problem solving and planning. 

    Speech Confidence

Speech training and confidence. 

Play Skills

Using play to learn to catch up milestones and to promote talking for late talking.  

Communication Coaching

Communication in challenging contexts, confidence in the corporate setting, speech training and confidence. 


Swallowing management and controlling difficulties associated with swallowing. 

Hearing Screening

Detection of sounds and the identifying hearing status.


Examination of balance, hearing and related disorders such as: tinnitus and auditory disorders.  

Hearing Aids

Assistive devices to aid in communication within challenging contexts and to improve hearing. Corporate assessments and school screening available. 

 Ear Protection

Hearing loss caused by exposure to loud noise is irreversible. Ear plugs are custom made to fit the size and shape of  ears.

Augmentative & Alternative Communication Devices

Selection of devices for speech impairments based on current skills.

How to access our services 
Setup an appointment with us

Contact us via email or telephocially to secure your appointment date and time. The first appointment we will do an Assessment

Meet to discuss the assessment results

Once the assessment is complete. We will meet for a follow up meeting to decide the way forward. 

Start therapy 

Once agreed we will start therapy or treatment

Evaluate again within a given time frame

Within a given time frame, we will re-evaluate based on your functional goals. 

Our Experts
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